Leahy, Cody & O’Donnell, LLC Overview

Client Services

Accounting Services


We are fully prepared to provide whatever level of assistance is needed in order to design, maintain, and operate an organized and functional bookkeeping process for your business. A well-designed and efficiently utilized financial recordkeeping system provides valuable information during the year and also facilitates year-end planning, tax preparation, and financial statement preparation.

Financial Reporting

Financial reporting is critical both to outside parties such as banks and insurance carriers and, also, as a tool for management. We provide financial reporting services at all levels; audit, review, and compilation. The choice of the appropriate level is made after careful consideration of the unique needs of each client. These services are not limited only to businesses but include personal financial statement reporting as well.

Tax Services

Tax Planning

Tax planning is essential to the tax reporting process. Prior to return preparation, we are committed to assisting in overall planning strategies with a goal of minimizing current and future tax costs within all provisions allowable under applicable regulations.

Tax Preparation

We are fully equipped both with computerized systems and software and staff qualifications to offer accurate and efficient tax preparation for all types of entities including Individuals, S-Corporations, C-Corporations, LLC’s, LLP’s, Partnerships, Trusts, Estates and Not-for-Profit organizations.

Sales Tax Services

Many business entities are required to collect and remit sales and/or use taxes from their customers. We are prepared to assist in the compilation of necessary information and the accurate and timely preparation and filing of sales/use tax returns.

Tax Agency Representation

All tax reporting entities are subject to various levels of inquiry and/or examination by federal and state tax agencies. We have extensive experience in these situations and are prepared to ensure that our clients are represented properly.

Payroll Services

Through our related entity, PayQuick, LLC, we are able to provide full-service payroll preparation and reporting services to our clients. This not only results in accurate and timely payroll processing but offers efficiencies in various decision making tasks during the year as well as tax planning, tax preparation, and financial reporting efforts at year-end.

Consulting Services

Business Entity Planning

Sole proprietor, S-Corporation, C-Corporation, Partnership, LLC, LLP?  Each business has certain unique characteristics that need to be properly evaluated in the course of making a decision as to the most appropriate form of business entity. We are versed in the aspects of each option and are always available to assist in the decision process.

Business Succession

A very important aspect of business operations that is very often overlooked until a critical point in time. We consider this service a natural part of our overall advisory role with our clients.

Estate Planning

Similar to the importance of business succession planning, estate planning is crucial to the transfer of assets in a manner consistent with the wishes of the individual and towards the providing of security to surviving spouses, children, and other intended beneficiaries. We are able to provide significant guidance in this area and we have access to other advisors for the more complex and specialized aspects of estate planning considerations, i.e., legal, insurance, investment management, etc.

Financial Planning

A proactive approach to financial planning helps clients manage financial expectations and develop strategies towards meeting those expected situations. We can assist in this process through budgeting, cash flow analysis, revenue expectations, financing alternatives and other factors to meet your goals.

Retirement Planning

Certainly in the case of successful individual financial planning, retirement planning is a major consideration. A realistic plan should be implemented as early as possible and should also be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure it continues to meet expected goals.