PayQuick, LLC Overview

Payroll & HR Services

Payroll Services

We have a variety of solutions for your payroll needs.

  • Payroll services for weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, and monthly clients
  • Payroll reports designed to your specification
  • After the fact payroll services including liability calculations and tax deposit requirements
  • Direct deposit services available
  • Flexible and timely processing and delivery
  • Monitor limits for deduction and benefit items
  • Human Resources services
  • Process payroll tax and liability payments (Federal and State)
  • Scheduled to be paid when due to save you money
  • Prepare payroll tax returns and reports (Federal and State) including:
  • Quarterly – Form  941 and State required filings including the MA DUA QUEST obligation
  • Annually – Employee W-2’s, Form 940, and Vendor 1099’s
  • Federal/State Registrations and Setup
    • Other Services
    • Sales Tax Processing
    • Corporate Estimated Tax Processing
    • Worker’s Compensation Audits
    • General Liability Audits

Human Resource Services

PayQuick, LLC has established a working relationship with Cornerstone Group, a full service human resource provider. For additional information, please contact us.